Many smart, well-educated, and highly motivated people set out to become independent consultants. Unfortu-nately, less than half survive into their second or third years. They can’t find clients, they aren’t making enough money to sustain themselves, and they finally give up. This online workshop provides practical guidance and suggestions to not only to survive, but thrive. The contents are based on over 40 years of successful independent consulting experience in a variety of settings and industries.


What You’ll Learn

  • Realistic Insights to the Consulting Life: gain a pragmatic overview of the life of an independent consultant, and steps to take to prepare for your journey.
  • Competing for Clients: explore the competitive world of consulting and how to successfully compete with established and well-known competitors.
  • Partners, Associates, Affiliates, and Shadows discuss vital business and consulting relationships that expand capabilities, increase credibility, and find more work.
  • Products and Services create products that can significantly increase your revenue stream.
  • Business Development, Sales, Proposals, and Fees covers the 12 components of a proposal and guidelines for establishing your fee structure.
  • Self-Assessments two checklists check your readiness to begin a consulting firm and six factors that are predictors of startup success.
  • Supplemental Materials include a 7-phase process for leading consulting interventions, a strategic marketing template, and a Roadmap to Consulting Success with step-by-step directions for starting and growing your firm.


Alan Landers, President, OD & Change Leadership Group, 40+ years of global experience as an internal and independent consultant. CEO, FirstStep Communications, Founder of the Online OD Chat Group. Coach and Mentor.

“This workshop changed my whole approach to consulting. I started following Alan’s clear and straightforward advice, and things started to change. I began meeting new prospects and generating new business.”

George M. Raleigh, VA

Who Should Attend

Professionals contemplating a career as an independent consultant. Current consultants who want to increase their revenue and client base.

Key Information

Format: Two, 3-hour highly-interactive online sessions. Informal presentation with Q&A sessions with a senior consultant.

Dates & Time: Saturdays, Dec. 5th and 12th from 9:00am to 12:00pm PST

Registration Fee: $395 per person,

Class Size: 24 participants, max. to allow ample time for discussion and Q&A

Free 42-Page Field Guide for Participants Only