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“The most comprehensive certificate program in OD and Change Leadership in the world.”

There are many certificate programs in organization development or industrial-organizational psychology from which to choose. What makes this one better than the others? That’s a fair question. Why not compare for yourself?

The Best Value for your Money and Time!

  1. It is the most comprehensive program of its type in the world, with features and content other programs don’t have.
  2. It is the most affordable, costing significantly less than programs from other universities or organizations.
  3. The time commitment is the most reasonable, requiring only six hours a week for five weeks, making it easy to fit into work schedules.
  4. Participants complete a competency assessment and learn their strengths, weaknesses, and development needs. The Individual Development Plan provides a learning guide as they progress through the program.
  5. Three introductory eLearning programs provide a common knowledge base upon which lessons are built and expanded.
  6. Lessons are chunked and spread out so participants are not overwhelmed with trying to learn more than the brain can comfortably process and retain. Yet, the course seminar can be completed in five short weeks.
  7. Participants learn skills for developing custom interventions and tools such as assessment inventories, questionnaires, surveys, process models, training modules, etc.
  8. Content focuses on the direct application in organizations. Participants learn skills and processes needed to succeed in the workplace as “Change Leaders.”
  9. Change management, change leadership, and change consulting skills are covered, so participants gain insights into helping clients from three different perspectives, both internally and externally.
  10. Participants receive a free textbook and materials covering all content presented in the seminar.
  11. The program is highly experiential, incorporating multiple learning modalities, active experimentation, challenging casework, social learning, online simulations, and learning-by-doing activities that internalize and imbed new knowledge and skills. Lessons are not quickly forgotten.

Who Should Attend

Experienced professionals responsible for leading or assisting in the planning and implementing of change projects within organizations, either as internal change experts or external consultants.

New OD/IO Professionals who want to stand out from the crowd: A post-graduate degree attests to one’s knowledge, diligence, and intellect. Adding a certificate from a well-known and established graduate school can separate the certificate holder from the average job candidate.

HR, HRD, Performance Management, and Talent Management Professionals looking to expand skills and knowledge: Much of the work these professionals do is directly related to organizational effectiveness, culture change, DEI, and implementing corporate strategies. That means leading change. This certificate increases your knowledge and competence, allowing you to become the “go-to person” for converting strategy into action.
Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders. Competence is the new currency. Today, team leaders and managers face challenges that may exceed their experience or stretch their capabilities. New lessons, contemporary case studies, and examples are constantly added to the DGS Certificate Program, helping leaders keep abreast, adapt, and lead through unexpected situations

Experiential Workshop Design: The Key Difference

Adult learners gain the most when they 1) actively engage in experiences that relate to work situations, 2) reflect on those experiences with others, 3) create meaning derived from the experience, reflection, and generative input from facilitators, and 4) form principles and generalizations that participants can apply to outside situations.

Emergent Learning Model

Modern Experiential Learning

This experiential approach is a major differentiating factor separating the Drucker Certificate in OD and Change Leadership from others.

Instead of being told what is or isn’t, participants create their own meaning and guidelines.

This approach to learning reflects the emergence of post-modern principles in adult learning theory as well as the practice of OD.

Program Curriculum

Topics Covered

Organizational Change Competencies

  • The People-side of Change – introduces common emotional and personal reactions to change
  • Understanding Resistance – presents alternative views to resistance and ways to build support to overcome it
  • Changing Cultures – looks at how cultures shape behavior providing practical clues for altering or changing them

OD Competencies

  • The OD Mindset – presents the multiple roles and responsibilities of a change leader
  • Contracting with Clients – provides a process for clarifying client/consultant expectations
  • Data Gathering & Generating Support – combines both dialogic and diagnostic OD methodologies
  • Implementation Planning – details a 7-step process from entry through institutionalization and termination
  • Intervention Management – introduces multiple options and matching interventions to clients
  • Evaluation, Reporting, and Feedback – teaches what to measure, how to measure it, and how to present data to clients

Change Leadership Competencies

  • Listening and Questioning Skills – learn 50+ useful questions for various stages of planning & implementation
  • Communicating Change – presents a multi-phased plan for communicating change throughout organizations
  • Inspirational Motivation and Influencing – introduces methods for increasing personal influence and persuasion
  • Organizing and Planning – details a planning and implementation process that transfers expertise to the client

Brief Summary – Fees and Registration

Competency Assessment, Individual Development Plan, and three eLearning Programs must be completed by August 31st.

Each eLearning Program lasts 60-70 minutes. There is a test at the end of each lesson. Tests must be passed with a score of 80% or higher. The eLearning programs will be made available starting August 26th and must be completed by August 31st.

Interactive Workshop: The ten workshop sessions begin on September 6tg. Sessions start at 3:30pm and end at 6:30pm (PT). Login information is provided after the Competency Assessment and IDP are submitted.

Final Examination: Participants must pass the final exam with a minimum score of 80%. The exam covers materials presented in the eLearning programs as well as the workshop. A review session is scheduled for October 10th. The final test is scheduled for Oct. 11th. Participants have 2 hours to complete the test. It is an open-book test. Participants may take the test two times to achieve a passing score.

Coaching/Practicum Sessions are optional. Coaching sessions are scheduled after the final exam.

Registration Fee: $3,495. Discounts are available for recent graduates (within one year of graduation) and multiple participants from the same company.

Our Academic and Certification Program Advisor

Jay Prag, Ph.D.
Drucker Graduate School

Jay Prag is the faculty director of the Certificate Program in Organizational Development and Change Leadership. Dr. Prag has been teaching at the Drucker School of Management since 1986. He serves on the board of directors of LINC Housing, a nonprofit low-income housing developer in Long Beach. He also served on the Board of Directors of Mt. San Antonio Gardens in Claremont and was actively involved in many business startups. Dr. Prag has won numerous teaching awards in his years at The Claremont Colleges. He also served as academic director for the Executive MBA and the Financial Engineering programs at the Drucker School.

Our International Partners

The OD & Change Leadership Group has established a global alliance with the Drucker Academy, and the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School to promote and deliver a Certificate Program in Organization Development and Change Leadership.

The Peter F. Drucker Academy is a registered Non-Profit Management Institute in Hong Kong, exclusively authorized by Peter F. Drucker and his family trust. The Academy focuses on Management as a Liberal Art advocacy, research and education in Greater China. The Academy partners with institutions to organize forums, seminars, and a series of management training courses tailor-made for executives, entrepreneurs and young professionals. These courses are rooted in Drucker’s management theories and aimed at enhancing effective leadership, decision-making, creativity and instilling a sense of social responsibility within individuals and organizations.