With over 150 years of combined global consulting experience, the OD & Change Leadership Group is a leader in designing and implementing successful change interventions to improve client cultures, systems, processes, and people.

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Alan Landers, MHRD


Alan Landers is an executive-level OD consultant with over forty years of experience working with Fortune 500 firms, international companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. He is a member of the 2019 Forbes Coaches Council and has served as President of the San Diego Chapter of the Association for Training & Development. Alan served two terms as the leader of ATD San Diego’s Organization Development Special Interest Group, growing its membership to over 100 OD practitioners. He is CEO of FirstStep Communications, LLC, an international business processing organization and has served on several boards of non-profit organizations. His executive seminars have been hosted by universities across the country, including Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Washington State, and several others. He is a frequent contributor to professional trade publications.

Liron Marks, PhD

Dr. Liron Marks is the CEO of Landers & Marks OD & Change Consulting. She completed her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University and has been an active OD and Change consultant for a decade. She specializes in developing strategy-driven, total-systems approaches to improving organizational effectiveness. Liron's consulting work includes non-profits, recycling, construction, and entertainment just to name a few. She is a fellow at the Kravis Leadership, Institute and an adjunct professor at CSU Los Angeles.

Kelly Bedsole, M.A.

Associate, L&M Od & Change Consulting

Certificate Program Contributors

  • Ian Brooks, PhD  - Change Management Independent Consultant
  • Ketan Mhatre, PhD - Learning and Development Independent Consultant

Landers & Marks OD & Change Consulting

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Consulting & Assessments

Change Management

As we encounter more VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) organizations, a growing need for Change Management has developed. A large majority of change management efforts have failed to adequately meet their goals in the past. Landers and Marks OD Consulting understand these happenings and have developed unparalleled change management and leadership tools, strategies, processes, and methods. These methods were meticulously crafted by the founders themselves through decades of experience in the field.  Clients deftly learn how to create a positive impact when dealing with change by learning how to diagnose and strategize based on all of the challenges that naturally accompany change.

Culture Change

Organizational culture change is perhaps one of the most harrowing and difficult challenges that leaders will face. This is because the culture of an organization is inadvertently comprised of intertwined aspirations, roles, values, methods of communication and mindsets. Due to the social nature of humans, the aforementioned elements gain dominance through mutual reinforcement for the organization as a whole; making any attempt to change this cultural system quite difficult.

L&M's approach to culture change stems from over 50 years of experience in more than 15 industries. This venerability affords them the elasticity and acuity to consult all shades and sized clients into a fluid culture shift. Learn the skills to adapt these empirically tested methods to fit your needs and effectively deal with organizational culture change.

Accountability Systems

Properly managing accountability within an organization is crucial to that organizations prosperity. Often abused and rarely handled correctly, accountability can be a risk, flaw or asset; you just have to know how to manage it effectively.

It starts with understanding how your organizations current accountability system is structured. Are there clearly defined roles, autonomy, necessary support, or a sense of ownership over achieved results?

Clients have the opportunity to make use of L&M's proven techniques for diagnosing current accountability systems, assessing structural flaws and strengths, and then seamlessly integrating a new, optimal system of accountability.

Organization Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is a gauge of how well an organization performs in accordance with its goals. Optimization of your organization’s effectiveness is, then, of utmost importance, and the crux of organizational psychologies foundation. L&M approaches improving an organizations effectiveness by evaluating and analyzing relevant indirect or direct factors and understanding how consistent an organizations’ values and strategies are across those domains

Formulations an approach based upon this information is the key to implementing a cohesive structure from which your organization will excel and prosper.

Organization Restructuring

All organizations at one time or another will find a need for restructuring. Be it a change of priority, introduction of new elements, optimizing budget or any other number of structural variances; a restructure will be necessary for the continuation and advancement of the organization as a whole.

Whatever the cause or intended result of the organizational restructure, predicting and managing the outcomes is critical for a mishap-free transition. L&M has concrete tactics for the administration of structural change and management of eventualities that you will learn to adapt to your needs.

Team Development

The use of teams is not unusual in modern organizations.  Teams can be an extremely beneficial method of ensuring productivity, deliverability and adherence to schedules.

However, if efficient strategies of team development aren't set in place, you might discover friction, discontent or otherwise detrimental issues arise within your teams.

Use L&M's time-proven team building and development tactics to make sure your teams run as efficiently and cohesively as possible. Your teams will be in peak condition once you apply the skills to assess, predict and plan possible conflicts, weaknesses and strengths.

HR & Talent Management

Talent Management is corporate nomenclature for the processes with which Human Resources uses to attract, develop, motivate and retain ideal employees. This organizational pillar is in support of the foundation, so-to-speak, so making sure that it is unshakable is necessary. Learn how to gauge talent’s capabilities and prospective performance, assess focal points, use operational intelligence to guard against opposition-risks and how to retain the desired talent.

Employee Engagement

Not to be confused with employee satisfaction; employee engagement is the level of passion and commitment held by an employee. Extensive employee engagement is both infectious and beneficial - it's one organizational development you’re going to want to manage consistently and manage well. 

Learn how to increase the drive of employees through L&M’s game changing methods of employee assessment, engaging conversation, physical and mental workplace effects, individual growth and development of both managerial and subordinate relations. Coaxing a healthy level of engagement from your employees will do wonders for productivity and profitability.

Enhanced Globalization Integration

Globalization of an organization is no small task - and managing the effects of the integration is no easy feat. Working with many industries in countries across Asia, Europe and the United States of America, L&M knows what it takes to integrate an organization globally and has developed a flexible strategy that you can mold to your needs. Anything as large-scale as globalization demands a well-thought out plan and competent management.

Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching

Anticipating a promotion? Planning for the future? Looking for a refresher course for your current position? L&M’s Executive Coaching will give you the skills to ensure your career path stays true and ease the transition along the way. Even if you currently hold an executive position, the business world is ever changing - you should be just as fluid and open to new professional concepts.

Who better to learn from than an esteemed consultancy whose founders bring over half a century of diverse experience to the table with proven strategies and effective knowledge? It’s more than an education, it's a Landers & Marks Certification.

Developing High-Potential Employees

Not every employee is going to be full-throttle right from the get. In fact, most employees even at their maximum potential won’t be as effective as one would hope; it’s just human nature. However, all managers worth their salt can see that some employees hold vastly superior potential in comparison with their peers. L&M’s High-Potential Employee Development coaching will teach you how to assess your employees’ capabilities and cultivate their budding potential into a blooming powerhouse. From there, you will learn who, what, when, where, why and how to utilize these employees to greatly benefit the rest of the organization.

Professional Learning Networks

A professional learning network, or PLN, is a system of informational barter in which a mutual exchange of information occurs using feedback, insights, documentation, contacts, or new business opportunity as a currency. Learning how to build a PLN organization wide will help to keep knowledge and information current, build coworker relationships and trust, and strengthen the weaker links. 

L&M’s Professional Learning Network Development Strategies are masterfully designed to implement a PLN that is effective and beneficial for everyone, from top level positions to the low rungs. The entire organization, ideally, should have some level of involvement in the learning network and with expert coaching from L&M you’ll gain the skills to set up a proper system for knowledge management.

Individual Mentoring

Careers in business can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect. Whatever your aspirations, you have to be receptive to new information and adaptive to change. For most in the business world, their career is a lifelong journey; one that is perpetually changing and ever demanding. A logical method of preparing yourself for your chosen career trajectory is to get a leg-up on industry standards and practices.

L&M facilitators have experience in all organizational backgrounds, so you can rest assured that the resources and guidance are available to suit your individual needs. You will have the ability to join group and solo exercises from which you can take advantage of one on one coaching and elaborate assessments of your unique strength and weakness profile. Begin your professional growth with advanced knowledge that is sure to impress your superiors - Or attain the skills to optimize your current professional wherewithal and methodology.

Professional Development

Leadership Development

Leaders are the influencers, the go-to’s, the pillars of inspiration within an organization. Leadership development begins with understanding leadership as a behavior, rather than a position. It means to inspire peers and subordinates alike into adopting the vision, mission and values of the organization.

Whether your goal is to become a great leader yourself or to cultivate outstanding leadership qualities among your managerial staff, all of the skills to do so are within your reach. L&M itself is run by two of the most adept leaders the world of Organizational Development has to offer. Namesakes Alan Landers, Mhrd and Liron Marks, PhD collectively share more than 50 years of experience which they use generously when crafting the methods of teaching leadership development skills. You’d be hard pressed to find a leader more involved and passionate about what they do than Landers and Marks. The wisdom of accomplished leaders begets the formation of valuable leadership skills which you can then use yourself and pass along to those who you deem qualified to lead for you.

Today’s volatile business environment requires agile responses. Learn how you can:

  • Drive excitement and commitment to your mission and vision
  • Identify opportunities for increasing organizational effectiveness
  • Leverage your existing strengths and engage your team in creating new possibilities
Frontline Supervision

Frontline Supervisors are the hypothetical 911 of the business world. They are the first-responders to complex and/or critical employee relations issues. Considering the nature of employee relations, it is safe to say that there is no one way to handle all issues. There are, however, very effective methods of managing these issues which you can learn to alter on the fly to fit any given situation. With the knowledge taken from L&M’s Frontline Supervision, you will learn how to develop and maintain the skills to affluently handle complexities within your organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the label given to the set of abilities pertaining to emotions and emotional information. The roll Emotional Intelligence, or EI, plays within organizations is one that is pivotal to its success, whether it is actively developed or not. You’re probably aware of your EI capabilities, just without a name with which to describe it. It is the ability to monitor and perceive the emotions and feelings of yourself or others, subjectively using this information to guide actions.

Everyone does this, though remarkably few are aware of it, and learning how to develop and guide the presence of EI within an organization can have thoroughly beneficial outcomes. L&M will help you not only fortify your own emotional intelligence abilities but to ascertain that of your peers and how to measure it based upon performance or perception. This information will allow you to guide your organization into a healthy emotional atmosphere - where it will thrive.

Developing Your Employees

This is a must-have skill for all persons holding managerial positions. Learning how to develop your employees into valuable organizational assets that hold true to company goals and values will quickly earn you a place of dignity and respect within. L&M will teach you how to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, proper methods of delegation, how to network, how to constructively give feedback, navigate organizational politics and culture, and much more.

Effective Team Leadership

Team leaders are very important to the efficiency of not just the team, but the organization as a whole. To help you hone your team leadership ability, L&M will teach how to develop and put into effect skills for:

  • Clear and Concise Communication
  • Organization Skills
  • Confidence Inspiration
  • Outward Respect
  • Just Judgement and Compassion
  • Exemplify Integrity
  • Influencing
  • Delegation
  • Facilitation of Guidance
  • Negotiations
  • Much More
Leading Virtual Teams

Team leaders are very important to the efficiency of not just the team, but the organization as a whole. To help you hone your team leadership ability, L&M will teach how to develop and put into effect skills for:

  • Clear and Concise Communication
  • Organization Skills
  • Confidence Inspiration
  • Outward Respect
  • Just Judgement and Compassion
  • Exemplify Integrity
  • Influencing
  • Delegation
  • Facilitation of Guidance
  • Negotiations
  • Much More
Team Effectiveness Skills

Due to the close-knit, social nature of teams, what effects one employee will affect others; be it good or bad. Not only that, but a team must function as a cohesive whole to be truly effective. From L&M you will gain insights into assessing, preventing, predicting and managing conflicts to set a professional environment in which efficient work can ensue. Learn how to identify strengths, delegate accordingly, monitor results and manage accordingly. This valuable skill set will ensure that your team ranks among the best in your organization.

Establishing a Consultancy

Those of us involved in the field of organizational psychology know that it is extremely competitive. Many people with advanced degrees dream of having the autonomy of working for themselves and will work assiduously toward that goal.  Separating yourself from the cluster of other aspiring consultants is not an easy path. However, not everyone can be a consultant. Authenticity and honest intentions are characteristics that will persevere. Having those characteristics of itself is not enough, so what does it take to establish a consultancy and are you the right person?

For starters, you’ve made an intelligent decision by coming to such a widely established consultancy with such esteemed leaders as Landers and Marks. L&M will gladly teach you the tools of the trade, while leveraging your strengths. If you are passionate and knowledgeable, L&M can help you have a successful consultancy up and running in no time.

Corporate Clout

Why Organizations Select Landers & Marks

Landers & Marks OD & Change Consulting has over 50 years of combined consulting experience developing competencies, expanding capabilities, and building dexterity within organizations. Companies seek our help because:

    Our Highly Experiential multi-modal learning methodologies ensure that learning sticks

    We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills to carry on without us once we leave


    Our work is custom-tailored to the unique cultures and needs of our clients


    We articulate deliverables, KPIs, time-frames, and costs demonstrating value-added ROI


    Our interventions improve systems, increase organization effectiveness, and enrich cultures


    We are thought-leaders, contributing research and insights to businesses around the world

    Our Process

    There is no secret to how we work. We follow a tried and true process with several measurable steps.

    We've Worked with Some Really Great Companies

    Below are just a few of the companies who have called upon Landers & Marks OD Consulting to put their expertise to use

    Building Dexterity, Developing Competencies, Expanding Capabilities

    Our Mission 

    Landers & Marks OD Consulting’s mission is to develop the knowledge and skills of executives and leaders responsible for leading change in organizations. We do that by enhancing the capabilities of leaders, teams, and individuals through personalized learning networks, one-on-one coaching, and change leadership consulting. Our programs focus on building individual dexterity and organizational agility. Both are needed to anticipate and get ahead of the rapidly changing business world.

    Our Vision

    We envision ourselves as a global organization of senior consultants and executive coaches delivering state-of-the-art consulting, coaching, training and certification services to develop competencies, expand capabilities, and enhance competitive advantage for our clients. We establish a global presence through strategic affiliations and partnerships with renown universities as well as alliances with established learning delivery and technology firms in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia/Oceania, and Africa.

    Our History

    Landers & Marks OD Consulting was founded by Liron Marks and Alan Landers in February 2017. Their strengths and capabilities are derived from over 50 years of consulting, coaching, corporate training, and educational experience. They have worked with Fortune 50 multinational organizations in the U.S. and their affiliates abroad. Their client list spans a wide range of industries including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, automotive, gas & oil, financial services, pharmaceuticals, power & utilities, government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations, among others.