Lead Change Through Evidence-Based Practices

The Most Comprehensive Certificate Program in OD and Change Leadership Offered by any University in the World

Through the Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management’s Certification Program in Organization Development and Change Leadership, you learn contemporary practices to lead change in a competitive business environment, demonstrating your capabilities as an effective change leader of organizations, large and small.

Who should take this Certificate Program?

The Certificate Program is designed for executives, managers, and consultants who are responsible for leading change in organizations. Most typically that includes professional in Management, Human Resources departments, Learning and Development, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Business Consultants, OD & Change Departments, and/or Training departments.


San Diego, CA


November 6th - 8th, 2019



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Change Leadership Competencies Matter


71% of companies do not think their current leaders are capable of driving them into the future, yet US Companies spend almost $14 billion annually on leadership development training


73% of organizations expect more change initiatives in the next few years. The average organization has undergone five enterprise changes in the past three years


33% of transformation efforts succeed in achieving desirable goals. In failing change initiatives, managers spend over 60% of their time in survival mode

Acquire Essential Knowledge and Skills In a Comprehensive and Condensed Four-Month Hybrid Format

Certificate Program Components

Three Learner-Directed eLearning Programs

  • History of OD & Change Management
  • Major OD Theories & Models
  • Theories of Group Development

Three-Day Residential Workshop

  • Competency Assessment and Individual Development Plan
  • Two Online Change Simulations
  • Experiential learning activities

Three Group Coaching Sessions

  • Follow Up Coaching Sessions
  • Followed by a Final OD & Change Leadership Exam
  • Organization Development & Change Leadership Certificate

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When They Look to You, Be Ready to Lead

The Drucker Advantage

The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management is dedicated to “preparing leaders with powerful, ethical, and universal management skills.” It is a world-renowned graduate university, founded by Peter Drucker, the “father of modern management.” The Certificate in OD & Change Leadership is the latest advancement in management training offerings and reflects the school’s commitment to delivering highly relevant, contemporary programs to leaders around the world.

The Certificate Program in OD & Change Leadership is conferred by the Peter Drucker Graduate School and as such, has high academic standards. The program attests to three traits of those to whom the certificate is bestowed:

  1. The certificate is a testament to the rigorous academic discipline and intellectual accomplishment of its holders.
  2. The certificate represents four months of study focused solely on acquiring evidence-based change leadership skills which can be applied in local, regional, and global settings.
  3. The certificate indicates that its holder is aware of the forces driving change and how to lead change at the individual, team, and organizational level.

How Do I Earn My OD & Change Leadership Certificate?

  • Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times.
  • Over the course of four months, you will complete three online eLearning programs, attend a residential three-day workshop, and participate in three group coaching sessions tailored to meet your organizational needs.
  • You will complete an OD and Change Leadership Competency Assessment and develop a customized individual development plan to enhance your competency as a  change leader.
  • You will complete two computer adapted change simulations (Open Source and Human Resource Change Quest simulations hosted by Knolskape) to practice and refine your skills.
  • At the end of the program you will complete a final exam demonstrating your advanced OD skills and earn your Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management Certificate in Organization Development  & Change Leadership.
  • The total investment for the program includes all participant materials and exam fees.

The Drucker Graduate School Certificate Program in

Organization Development & Change Leadership

This highly interactive Certificate Program imparts core knowledge and skills essential to planning and leading successful change interventions within organizations.

Design Change Interventions to Align with Strategic Initiatives

The ability to develop strategic change initiatives is a core leadership competency in today’s VUCA world. Being able to align them with strategic initiatives is a competitive advantage.

Design and Administer Organization Assessments

Determining organizations’ strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improving effectiveness are essential attributes of a modern leader.

Gain Buy-in and Engagement

Successful change requires employee buy-in and support from all levels of the organization. Involve employees from the very beginning using their ideas and feedback to ensure the success of the change initiative.

Understand Group Dynamics

Most OD work is large in scope. However, most of the change occurs at the team and team-leader levels. Learn the dynamics driving team development and processes for improving team effectiveness.

Optimize Organizations, Systems, and Processes

The ability to understand what’s happening at various levels and across multiple functions is key to improving organization effectiveness and aligning effort with strategy.

Measure and Report Project Effectiveness

Learn how to select the most appropriate key performance indicators, how to measure and track performance, and how to present data to the C-suite in formats they understand.

Competency is the New Currency

The best certificate programs benefit not only its participants, but also their organizations and their organizations’ employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers. Here’s how you and your organizations benefit when you obtain a Certificate in OD & Change Leadership from the Drucker Graduate School.

How You Personally Benefit

  • Build fundamental long-term skills, knowledge, and abilities to become a change leader and shape the future of your organization
  • Acquire evidence-based methodologies and practical insights that hold value throughout your career
  • Learn the “core-moves” to proactively facilitate every phase of organizational change
  • Come away with specific strategies and tactics to help you navigate the change initiative
  • Expand your career options and opportunities by adding change leadership competencies to your existing toolkit
  • Demonstrate professional value and credibility by becoming a change leader and earning your certificate from the distinguished Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management

How Your Organization Benefits

  • Every competitive organization in today’s VUCA world needs a skilled cadre of experienced and expert change leaders. Far too many change initiatives fail to meet their intended goals
  • By sending representatives to the Peter Drucker Graduate School’s Certificate Program in OD & Change Leadership, that expertise can be added to the organization’s intellectual capital and overall business competencies within four short months
  • Instead of being tossed by the tides of volatile business trends, having skilled people who can adapt, plan, and lead change provides direction and competitive advantage
  • Enhance the competencies of your leaders to increase the capabilities of your organization

Small classroom size allows for personalized attention to your learning needs

Accountability is a key concept in moving the organization forward.

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Real Results from Real Students

“The workshop was, by far, the most comprehensive, professional, and useful workshop that I have seen through my 20-year HR Career.”

Shawn P., CEO/Principal HR Advisor

“What makes this course powerful is a trifecta of OD theory and principles taught at the graduate level, a crackerjack simulation and unforgettable real-life lessons from seasoned OD experts.”

Patricia F., President, The Learning Aclchemist

“Alan and Liron provided us with a holistic experience of the Change Management concepts and best tools available in the market - plus insightful anecdotes and practical advice for taking action.”

Leticia M., PR & Communications Consultant

“What struck me was the breadth and depth of the subjects covered by extremely experienced and talented facilitators.”

Susan T., Principal, Executive Development

“It is a one-of-a-kind premium blend of content and delivery. Developed with a network of global collaborators, the OD and Change Leadership Program is truly transnational, incorporating the most effective learning modalities, and customized to each participant.”

B. Griffiths, President OSI

“The OD and Change Leadership Certification Program is designed to serve a broad global community of OD professionals, Learning and Development leaders, Talent Managers, HR partners and coaches or consultants who offer their services to this community. I would highly recommend the program to anyone in this growing and diverse field.”

S. Stevenson, CEO and Founder, Lifted Fog

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